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Cat. # Title Price
XPEHA0001 Hamster IL-4(Interleukin-4) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEHA0002 Hamster IL-12(Interleukin 12) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEHA0003 Hamster IL-2(Interleukin 2) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEHA0004 Hamster TNF-α(Tumor Necrosis Factor-α) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEHA0005 Hamster IFN-γ(Interferon gamma) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0001 Monkey ACE(Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0002 Monkey ADIPOR1(Adiponectin Receptor 1) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0003 Monkey ADP/Acrp30(Adiponectin) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0004 Monkey AMBP(Alpha-1-Microglobulin/Bikunin Precursor) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0005 Monkey ANXA5(Annexin A5) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0006 Monkey ApoA1(Apolipoprotein A1) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0007 Monkey ApoB100(Apolipoprotein B100) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0008 Monkey ApoC3(Apolipoprotein C3) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0009 Monkey ApoE(Apolipoprotein E) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0010 Monkey C3(Complement Component 3) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0011 Monkey C4(Complement Component 4) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0012 Monkey C5a(Complement Component 5a) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0013 Monkey CA2(Carbonic Anhydrase II) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0014 Monkey CD40L/TNFSF5(Cluster of Differentiation 40 Ligand) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0015 Monkey CGβ(Chorionic Gonadotrophin Beta) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0016 Monkey CIC(circulating immune complex) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0017 Monkey CRP(C-reactive protein) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0018 Monkey cTn-I/TNNI3(cardiac Troponin I) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0019 Monkey Cys-C(Cystatin C) ELISA Kit $390.00
XPEMK0020 Monkey ECF/CCL11(Eosinophil Chemotactic Factor) ELISA Kit $390.00


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