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Animal PCR Positive Control

Cat. # Title Price
PCRPC104 Minute Virus of Mice (MVM) PCR Control, Parvovirus $1,030.00
PCRPC105 Mouse Hepatitis Virus (MHV-JHM) PCR Control, $1,030.00
PCRPC109 Ectromelia Virus (Ectro) PCR Control, Poxvirus $1,030.00
PCRPC110 Mycoplasma pulmonis PCR Control, Mycoplasma $1,030.00
PCRPC113 Kilham Rat Virus PCR Control, Parvovirus $1,030.00
PCRPC114 Toolan's H-1 PCR Control, Parvovirus $1,030.00
PCRPC115 Polyoma (Poly) PCR Control, Parvovirus $1,030.00
PCRPC118 Cilia-Associated Respiratory Bacillus (CARB) PCR Control, Bacillus $1,030.00
PCRPC119 Clostridium piliformis (Tyzzer's Disease) PCR Control, Clostridium $1,030.00
PCRPC121 E. cun PCR Control, Sporozoan $1,030.00
PCRPC122 MCMV PCR Control, Cytomegalovirus $1,030.00
PCRPC124 SV-5 PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC125 SDAV/RCA ELISA PCR Positive Control, 1.0ml $1,030.00
PCRPC128 Mouse Adenovirus-1 FL PCR Positive Control, Adenovirus $1,030.00
PCRPC130 Mouse Adenovirus-2 K87 PCR Positive Control, Adenovirus $1,030.00
PCRPC131 Mouse Pneumocystis Murina PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC132 K Virus PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC133 Rat Parvovirus (RPV) Native PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC134 Parainfluenza Virus 3 (PI3) Antigen $1,030.00
PCRPC135 Helicobacter Hepaticus PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC136 Reovirus (REO) PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC137 Mouse parvovirus PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC143 Mouse pasteurella pneumotropica PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC144 Mouse pasteurella haemolytica PCR Positive Control $1,030.00
PCRPC145 Mouse pasteurella multocida PCR Positive Control $1,030.00


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